Added Momentum Signals Feature Enables Users to Receive Customized Deal Risk Alerts

ZoomInfo (NASDAQ: ZI), a global leader in modern go-to-market software, data, and intelligence, announced that ZoomInfo’s best-in-class data is now available within its conversation intelligence platform, Chorus. As part of a new set of integrations with ZoomInfo, Chorus will provide its customers sharper deal insights and more accurate forecasting for sales professionals.

Discovering and engaging with key targets no longer needs to be a time-consuming, multi-platform process. Chorus delivers ZoomInfo’s trusted buying committee data directly within the Chorus platform, flagging contacts sales teams have not yet engaged with who are crucial to closing deals. For example, a salesperson receiving a notification that their deal “lacks executive involvement” is helpful but doesn’t solve their problem. Chorus goes a step further, identifying the ideal contact to re-energize the deal – all within the platform.

ZoomInfo is also now delivering a layer of insights into Chorus with ZoomInfo Scoops. With the added integration, Chorus users can track major changes and upcoming projects among prospective targets, such as when a new executive is hired or a new spending initiative is being launched, providing sales reps with the information they need to immediately identify and mitigate risk or take action on new opportunities.

“Establishing and maintaining meaningful relationships between buyers and sellers continues to be at the core of what Chorus and ZoomInfo offer,” said ZoomInfo Founder and CEO Henry Schuck. “With these powerful integrations, establishing successful connections, expediting deals, and avoiding pitfalls that slow down or jeopardize deals only take a few clicks. Leveraging this intelligence is often the difference between winning or losing a deal.”

In addition to the ZoomInfo integrations, the introduction of Momentum Signals within the Chorus platform enhances deal risk and recommendation alerts within every call. Users can set customized alerts to identify potential issues in real time and inform the user when a deal needs immediate attention, sending notifications based on tracked conversation history and activity, customer relationship management (CRM) data, and conversation insights. 

Users will also experience ease-of-use upgrades within Chorus, such as enhanced search capabilities and expedited access to key trigger topics.

To learn more about Chorus’ upgraded offerings, visit the ZoomInfo and Chorus solutions page.

Source:  ZoomInfo Press Release