Equifax 500Equifax has acquired Inffinix, a Mexico City-based credit data software company.

Inffinix provides collections workflow software on a licensed basis to companies throughout the Latin American region.  The software enables customers’ collection staff to efficiently process, manage and track accounts throughout the entire collections process.

Today, Inffinix’s geographic footprint includes customers in Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Colombia and Costa Rica. And our plan is to take this product, which is very well suited for Central and South America, across our entire Latin American footprint in the coming years, providing for additional growth opportunities.

About Inffinix Since its foundation, in 1995, Inffinix has contributed to increase the profitability of customer’s credit portfolios by collecting more, faster and with less cost.  Its customers are leading companies, in several markets around the globe.  Integral Collections is the vision that Inffinix had in mind when it designed CyberFinancial.  To develop an Integral Collections application means that one has to study and automate each activity that is performed by a professional collector.  The end result of this is: CyberFinancial.  A system in the market that’s designed for Integral Collections.

The announcement was made during Equifax’s Q4 2013 Earnings Call.