Consumer financial literacy has become a major focus for the consumer credit information industry.  Our newest contributing writer Allen Smith offers Three Basic Tips for the young generation in how to manage credit:

It’s not surprising that so many young people across the nation are in debt. This is nothing but the prevalent habit of mismanaging money that most young people are under the clutches of. Lack of having a proper, well-disciplined budget and a stable financial life basically contributes to the youth racking up such huge amounts of debt. One easy way to begin organizing your finances should come with managing your credit.

How to manage credit when you’re young

As a youth, managing credit seems to be the least important of all things. However, understand this for a fact that credit management at an early stage could open up multiple doors for your future.

  1. Avoid debt: The first thing you should take care is to avoid debt so that your credit score doesn’t go for a toss. All you need to do is stick to a disciplined budget and it won’t really be a problem for you to leave debt aside.
  1. Use wisely: Not using credit cards doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for your credit. You need to use credit cards in a wise manner with payments made on time so that it does good to your credit rating. Only then will it give out the impression that you’re responsible enough about your finances and hence your credit rating will shoot up.
  1. Pay on time: Very small steps can actually go a long way in building your credit without you even realizing so. Take small but sure steps like paying your monthly phone bill on time. For that matter, paying any and every bill on time is a foolproof way of doing good to your credit.

Keep in mind the 3 tips discussed above and then it won’t really be a problem for you to manage your credit while you’re still young.

Allen 1“About the Author: Allen is a financial writer and blogger. He works in a CA based Law Firm. You can follow him in his personal blog: Toxic Finance