This rather sobering assessment comes from Gartner and will be discussed at the Gartner Business Intelligence & Information Management Summit 2014 

Exactly how can an organization “capitalize” on all the available and accessible data sources?  Last year, the industry was simply trying to understand the hype around big data and all the new styles of analytics. This year’s Summit will include the same comprehensive coverage on all the emerging technology trends, but for those already thoroughly versed in the three Vs of Big Data, this Summit will also examine the art and the science when it comes to applying these technologies and methodologies.

At the 2014 Summit, we will examine how information management and analytics enable new innovations on the way we conduct business by providing more transparent, decisive and personalized business models. Attend to learn about all the emerging trends, but also to strategize on how these capabilities, processes and technologies can be used to make your business more transparent, decisive, and personalized.

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