DataFox, a company intelligence provider, has added new capabilities to its Account Scoring solution, designed to help sales teams prioritize best-fit accounts and ensure balanced territories.

New Account Scoring visualizations leverage data science to help companies surface accounts that best fit their ideal customer profile (ICP). The Dynamic Tiering feature ensures sales leaders can distribute accounts based on quality as well as quantity.

DataFox’s Account Scoring solution, launched in February, is built on a foundation of artificial intelligence-sourced, human-verified company data as well as real-time Growth Signals. It incorporates the following types of data:

  • DataFox firmographic data, such as location, headcount, tech stack, industry, and revenue;
  • DataFox Growth Signals, including 68 types of customizable, real-time indicators of companies’ changing conditions and needs, such as hiring trends, product launches, conference sponsorships, and funding information; and
  • Users’ proprietary data, such as custom CRM inputs or third-party data.

With the new visualizations, scoring criteria become transparent to end-users, and administrators can instantly view the distribution of scores across all companies, compare sample groups, and make refinements.

Dynamic Tiering systematically groups high-scoring accounts into tiers based on volume or percentile and constantly updating those tiers based on new developments. For example, an account could move into a top tier if the company hired a CMO, purchased a new CRM system, or raised a round of funding in the past three months. This enables sales and operations managers to distribute top-tier accounts equally to sales representatives.

Source: Destination CRM