Dun & Bradstreet Credit Bureaus Ltd. (DBCB) has acquired 51% equity stake in the Omani National Bureau Commercial Information (NBCI).   NBCI is currently owned by a consortium of Omani banks and financial institutions.

This move strengthens DBCB’s foothold in the GCC & MENA private credit bureau industry. DBCB has equity stakes in credit bureaus in Nigeria, Ghana and Tanzania and is the technology partner of credit bureaus in Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait, Libya and Egypt amongst others.

“Credit bureaus are the pillars of a strong financial infrastructure in any country. They promote informed lending and in the long run, facilitate the growth of the economy. We are pleased to partner with NBCI and are certain we will cater to the growing demands of the financial sector and retail market,” said Miguel Llenas, CEO of DBCB.

“We are delighted to have DBCB as our partners and are assured that NBCI will scale new heights under their management,” commented Sheikh Aimen Ahmed Al Hosni, Chairman of NBCI.

Under its new ownership, NBCI aims to achieve strong growth by offering diverse and strong product portfolio and analytics to the Omani banking industry.

Source:  Dun & Bradstreet Credit Bureaus. Ltd.  Dubai, UAE