Since its last update, Global 5000 have completed a number of initiatives and continued regular updates and additions to the its database.

Contacts: In partnership with SalesQuest, contacts have been added to the database.  SalesQuest was able to match approximately 2900 companies from The Global 5000 and attached over 19,000 contacts to those records.  See details and description of the full data set and contacts on the SalesQuest e-store on this link

Corporate Education & Training: Global 5000 have updated the Corporate Education & Training spending estimates for all the records in the database.  The data is based on survey research that generated averages of spending by industry (vertical markets) and number of employees by various regions of the world.  From this data, Global 5000 selected the top 500 Corporate Training spenders.  One can read more on the web page for this top 500 group —

New Database Additions: Global 5000 continue to update company records for The Global 5000 by adding the latest results for revenue and employees as well as researching and adding new records and tracking M&A activity.  During Q4,  66 new companies were added to the database.  One can view the new companies here  –

Mergers & Acquisitions: Each month Global 5000 report on significant M&A activities which are always interesting to watch. Those movements are important to keeping a database current as well as helping account management sales teams stay current with their accounts.  There were 20 of these major events in November and another 24 in December.   For the latest information click on:

Source:  Global 5000