hgdata_logoAccording to VentureBeat, BIIA member HG Data is launching a public beta test of its marketing and sales data.  

Craig HarrisImagine you could know with reasonable certainty exactly which CRM system, database, hardware, or other business software a prospective client is using right now.  That’s exactly what HG Data, does for marketers and sales reps.  “This is the sales guy’s best friend … customers come back and say ‘it feels like cheating,’” CEO Craig Harris told VentureBeat. “Essentially, they’re starting out at the 50 yard line while competitors are starting at the 5 yard line.”

One of HG Data successes was the use of the D-U-N-S Number which resulted in HG Data being one of only nine companies invited to be flagship launch partners on Dun & Bradstreet’s new data exchange.

This is a huge endorsement of the company’s product.  It’s also a major service for enterprise clients who can now integrate HG Data’s lead information into their CRM and marketing engines with a high level of confidence that records and leads are assigned to the right accounts, and data validation and translation is not a problem.

About:  HG Data was founded in 2010 and had a seed round of $2 million last year led by Epic Ventures.   HG Data crawls the open web looking for data buried in Word documents, PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, and other sources of critical data that most companies don’t even know is public.  Everything it finds goes into its massive database, which the company’s data scientists then sift for clues which clients will use for marketing automation in its CRM systems.  HG Data sells to 25 percent of Fortune 500 software companies and 40 percent of Fortune 500 hardware companies, with an annual growth rate of 300 percent last year — all while still in private beta.

Source: Venture Beat