After the liquidity emergency, which had hit companies hard during the most critical phase of the pandemic, causing them to increase their credit supply, in the third quarter of 2022 the number of credit applications presented by Italian companies showed a decrease of – 4.6% compared to the corresponding period of 2021. This is highlighted by the latest update of the CRIF Barometer.

Going into detail, the current dynamics mainly concern individual businesses which, in the period under examination, recorded a -11.9%, while requests from joint-stock companies remained substantially stable (-0.8%) . At the same time, there is a marked increase in the average amount requested, (+ 18.45%), which stood at 123,691 euros.

With regard to sole proprietorships, which represent the backbone of the national economic and productive fabric, the average amount of loans requested was equal to 36,374 euros (down by -2.6% compared to the corresponding period of 2021) against 163,891. euro of joint stock companies (+ 17.7%).

Source: breakinglatestnews