Meet our Co-founder Member Business Strategies Group

Meet our Co-founder Member Business Strategies Group

Our Business

Since our founding in 2000, BSG has completed nearly 400 projects. We have worked will virtually every international B2B media company with operations in Asia including exhibition organisers, print publishers, online platforms, trade associations, government bodies and venue owners and operators.

BSG provides research and analysis on the Asian B2B media sector – including events, online and print. Our research and advice is supported by a proprietary database of profiles of more than 2,000 exhibitions in Asia.

Our core services include:

  • Competitive and market research
  • Commercial due diligence
  • Business intelligence
  • Representation
  • Corporate strategy
  • New product launch support

Competitive and market research

Market knowledge is not always so readily available in Asia as compared with other parts of the world. Since 2000, BSG has been continuously building a database that now contains profiles of more than 2,200 B2B exhibitions in Asia. Through our subscription research service, Tracker, we also have dozens of reports on Asian B2B media companies, specific industry sectors and geographies.

Commercial due diligence

If you are planning an acquisition in Asia, BSG provides proprietary market data, analysis and advice. We offer unmatched expertise guiding clients through the pitfalls of acquisitions in Asia. We know what to expect, what will work and what won’t.

Business intelligence

Do you need to know more about an Asian B2B media market? Is it growing? What are your competitors doing? How is the market segmented? What restrictions are there to doing business in this market? We have deep experience collecting and analyzing this type of information – particularly in challenging, but important markets such as China, India and Indonesia.


BSG’s unmatched experience and focus on B2B media in Asia is recognized throughout the region. As a result, BSG has built a strong track record helping associations and government bodies looking for representation in Asia. BSG has managed UFI’s activities in Asia since 2004 and we have acted as TCEB’s representative in Greater China since 2006. We also manage the activities in Asia of BIIA Business Information Industry Association and of AKEI in Greater China. Our reputation and experience uniquely positions us to help trade associations and government bodies to meet their goals in Asia.

Corporate strategy

BSG helps you cut through the clutter to identify the key opportunities for your company in Asia. We have worked with dozens of companies in every major market in Asia to a razor-sharp strategic plan that will ensure your success in the region.

New product launch support

Launching new products into the business media market is always challenging. This is particularly true in Asia. Our team has extensive experience launching B2B events as well as other media products in both the developing and developed markets of Asia. We can work closely with your team to ensure the success of your launch.

Tel +852 2525 6120
Fax +852 2525 6171

Business Strategies Group Ltd.
Suite 4114 Hong Kong Plaza, 188 Connaught Road West, Central, Hong Kong

About The Author


Joachim C Bartels is a co-founder, director, head of information resources and Editor-in-Chief of BIIA. In his capacity as Editor-in-Chief he is responsible for the selection of relevant information content concerning industry insights, trends, technological developments, standards and policies impacting BIIA members in particular and the business information industry in general.

The BIIA library is approaching 10,000 news items and best demonstrated practices. BIIA members receive regular news alerts on key developments in the industry and the regulatory environment. The BIIA readership is widespread: between 4 to 5 thousand unique visitors access per month.

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