The solution powers privacy-enhanced identity resolution, audience creation, and data collaboration across marketing partners

Neustar, Inc., a TransUnion company, has announced the availability of Neustar Unified Identity – its leading suite of identity resolution and data capabilities – in the InfoSum Data Clean Room. This multi-party identity management and data collaboration solution makes privacy-enhanced audience creation and data enrichment a reality for partners across the brand, agency, and publisher world.

Clients can now connect and share their offline and online customer data – in a secure, easy-to-use clean room – to scale their audience segmentation and omnichannel targeting initiatives. The InfoSum Data Clean Room leverages secure multi-party computing to compare and analyze overlapping datasets without commingling or moving data. The solution greatly reduces client and partner risk of consumer data exposure or misuse across their advertising initiatives.

Additionally, every InfoSum client will have access to the world-class identity resolution and data enrichment capabilities of Neustar. Marketing and data analytics users can now securely match, enrich, and analyze their identity data directly within their data clean room. This partnership enables seamless analysis and prediction of shared demographics, behavioral attributes, and consumer psychographics across first-party datasets from multiple advertising partners including brands, agencies, publishers, and data providers. Using identity resolution improves the value of clean room analysis by increasing the scale and fidelity of the combined data set.

“The combination of our privacy-first data clean room capabilities and Neustar’s world class identity resolution and data enrichment capabilities paves the way for data-driven advertising in a privacy-first, increasingly data-deprived advertising world,” said Lauren Wetzel, InfoSum COO. “This partnership will help brand, agency, and publisher partners realize their advertising and revenue goals despite the unprecedented challenges of data deprecation.”

InfoSum data collaboration technology centers around non-movement of data, with holistic data governance and granular permission controls creating a safe means to share customer information. InfoSum’s non-movement of data approach to clean rooms enables marketers to understand the true overlap across multiple data sets for intelligent analysis, activation, and measurement.

“With InfoSum, we’re helping prepare the marketing world for the transformative changes happening in customer data and B2C marketing,” said Michael Schoen, EVP, Marketing Solutions at Neustar, a TransUnion company. “This partnership reflects our strategic focus on consumer trust and the privacy-enhanced technologies and identity resolution capabilities that make delivering relevant and valuable customer experiences possible.”

Neustar Unified Identity is the only end-to-end identity management solution that enables resolution of offline to online identifiers by responsibly connecting people, location, and device data.  The solution – powered by Neustar’s unrivaled identity graph platform OneID™ – transforms data management to enable better data-driven decision making and outcomes for brands by supporting data onboarding, linking, enrichment, and validation.

About: InfoSum is redefining data collaboration in a privacy-first way. We unlock data’s limitless potential by powering a better data-driven customer experience through privacy-safe collaboration.

Nick Halstead founded InfoSum in 2015 with a vision to connect the world’s data without ever sharing it – by developing the world’s first decentralized data collaboration platform with the power to analyze and activate data at speed.

Since launching our platform in 2019, security-oriented companies around the world have come to rely on InfoSum’s technology to future-proof their businesses against an unpredictable privacy and technology landscape.

Today, with offices in London, New York and Hamburg, we continue to build robust solutions for a global community of identity architects. We work across financial services, CTV, retail, healthcare, gaming, and entertainment to seamlessly and compliantly deliver better customer experiences.

Source:  InfoSum Press Release