Novata’s General Partner Advisory Committee is a group of leading private investment firms who embody purpose and authenticity in their approach to ESG

Novata, a public benefit corporation backed by the Ford Foundation, Hamilton Lane, S&P Global and Omidyar Network, today (31/1/2023) announced that New York-based global private equity and venture capital firm Insight Partners has joined Novata’s General Partner Advisory Committee (GPAC). The leading ESG data management platform built for the private markets, Novata provides customers with a clear ‘on-ramp’ for selecting ESG metrics, painless data collection into a secure database, and data insights and analytics tools to inform investment decisions.

The Novata GPAC, a group of the world’s leading private investment firms committed to ESG, provides critical guidance and recommendations to the Novata ecosystem on a range of ESG issues, including effective ESG measurement and benchmarking tools. Insight Partners is aligned with Novata in their mission to advance ESG data collection in the private markets.

“Insight believes that proactive ESG management is consistent with our aims of supporting our portfolio companies in their scale up journeys and achieving superior risk-adjusted returns for our investors,” said Mike Hinkley, Senior Manager at Insight Partners. “In order to further our ESG objectives, we need to track accurate, comparable and actionable ESG data from our portfolio companies – so Insight Partners is proud to be joining the Novata GPAC to advance industry best practices for ESG data management.”

With mounting pressure from regulators, investors, customers, and employees to increase data transparency, Novata’s platform, specifically tailored for private markets, is the simple first step for firms looking to tackle ESG data collection.

“Novata is committed to providing our clients with effective ESG data collection and benchmarking tools to increase transparency in the private markets,” said Alex Friedman, CEO & Co-Founder of Novata. “We are grateful that Insight Partners is joining the Novata GPAC to ensure our solutions are informed by leaders in the field.”

novata logoSource: businesswire