OneSource Information Services announced changing its name to Avention Inc., following the January acquisition of sales intelligence company, SalesQuest.  At the same Avention launches a business-to-business information database software.

Flatow JonathonAvention will provide sales, marketing and research professionals with specific and widespread data on more than 23.5 million companies worldwide.  CEO Jonathan Flatow said the company spent the past 18 months working with engineers and data scientists to develop the new software. “There are now thousands of data points you can apply to the companies,” he stated.

For example, Avention can help a salesperson who is interested in finding companies discussing the topic of alternative energy in publications, social media or at company events.  The new software has four features, including Avention Business Signals, which can answer questions related to company growth, outsourcing, and whether the company does business in specific locations around the world.

Those features are to help Avention compete in the sales intelligence industry,  Flatow said. “There’s a marketplace of business information and sales-enablement tools that compete with Avention, but we believe the four new (features) of innovation make our product unique and highly differentiated in the marketplace,”

Avention has more than 4,000 customers worldwide and about 200 employees. Half of the company’s employees are located in Concord, Mass., and the company is hiring for sales and engineering positions.  Avention acquired Andover, Mass.-based sales intelligence company SalesQuest in January (BIIA Post).