LAPOR! (“to report” in Indonesian) is an initiative from the Government of Indonesia to provide an integrated and accessible portal for the Indonesian public to submit complaints and inquiries as a means of enhancing public participation in national development programs.  The Public can submit complaints about development programs and public services simply through the website.

LAPOR! Will then transfer every validated input to relevant institutions to be featured and responded to on the website.  Integrated with 67 government institutions and more to follow, it also allows multiple institutions to respond across sectorial issues.  Public can also give comments, likes or share them through Facebook and Twitter to have a discussion and to ensure the completeness of the reports.

LAPOR! Aims to catalyze public participation as well as to have a more coordinated national complaint- handling mechanism. It now has more than 225,000 users and receives an average of 1,435 inputs per day. Government’s response rate increase time to time, with 78% of complaints and inquiries have been solved or are being investigated.

LAPOR! has unexpectedly contributed to various successful cases including: Breaking the record for the fastest complaint solving for less than an hour by National Land Agency; proven as a whistleblowing system to fight corruption including the removal of upper echelon officer in the Ministry of Agriculture; specially utilized as a quick response system during a major flood in Jakarta; and specially utilized for central complaint handling by national socialization team for subsidized fuel price increase and compensation.

Source: Open Government Partnership