Taxonomy provides a jump start for companies who are looking to leverage the taxonomy and managed keyword capabilities in Microsoft SharePoint 2010

Denver, CO, USA — WAND, Inc. announced, in conjunction with Microsoft, the availability of WAND’s General Business Taxonomy as a free download for use in SharePoint 2010’s term store. The General Business Taxonomy includes 535 categories covering five major business functional areas and once downloaded and imported, users can immediately begin tagging documents stored in SharePoint 2010.

The term store for managed metadata is a new feature in SharePoint 2010 that makes it possible for enterprises to import structured business vocabularies into SharePoint and manually tag documents with these meta-data values. Microsoft and WAND have partnered to make this starter set of pre-defined business terms available as a free download for use in SharePoint 2010 so that companies can get value from the managed metadata feature right away. This taxonomy can be downloaded from:

Microsoft Senior Product Manager Ryan Duguid commented that “SharePoint 2010’s managed metadata and term store are extremely valuable features to help businesses organize and search the content stored in SharePoint 2010. The free business taxonomy from WAND adds tremendous value to the term store and gives our customers a jump start in taking advantage of these features.”

To read the full story click on the link:  Microsoft Press Release Taxonomy Download 2011-03-21

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