Understand the risk posed by prospects, customers and suppliers without running a credit check. With the new Credit Risk filter from DueDil, you can automatically filter for companies based on their level of credit risk.

Looking to target only low-risk prospects? Or high-risk companies that may be in need of your services?  Simply apply this filter to any search to help ensure you’re focused on the companies that meet your credit risk criteria.

This filter will not only help you identify the right companies to target. It also benefits teams that want to minimise their exposure to risk from customers or suppliers, and can help ensure that more companies are approved during the customer onboarding process.

What is it?

The Credit Risk filter enables users to identify companies based on their credit risk band, which are calculated as follows:

  • Very Low (71-100)
  • Low (51-70)
  • Moderate (30-50)
  • High (0-29)
  • Not Rated

The filter can be found within the Basic Information tab in Advanced Search. Selecting one or more of the above options will add a new column to a search, which indicates the credit risk band of the companies present.

A Not Rated value may be present because a company has:

  • Financial statements that are too old
  • An intermediate or inactive status
  • Is non-trading
  • Is dormant

What can one do with it?

The Credit Risk filter can be leveraged for a number of use cases.

Sales teams operating in financially-sensitive markets have the ability to limit prospecting activity to low risk companies that won’t fail credit checks during the onboarding process.

Credit risk or procurement teams can efficiently assess the creditworthiness of a business during the customer onboarding process. This ensures they streamline the approval of low-risk companies, giving them time to focus on the higher-risk businesses that matter.

To better understand the credit score of an individual company, users can navigate to the Credit Risk tab on a company profile and download a detailed Credit Report. This report includes comprehensive information that includes mortgages, company benchmarks, and any Gazette notices.

Source: DueDil Press Release