“Rather than Building a Better Mousetrap, Instead, We Chose to Breed a World-class Cat.”  Quote by Phil, Mui, Acxiom’s Chief Product and Engineering Officer.

Acxiom® (Nasdaq: ACXM) introduced a new way for marketers, agencies and publishers to define, manage and reach best audiences across online and offline channels.  Acxiom Audience Operating System™ (AOS) is unique because it enables marketers to connect all types of traditionally disconnected data and – for the first time – to create a truly singular view of the consumer. AOS derives better insights to help marketers more clearly understand their audiences and more accurately anticipate what will appeal to them. This creates more effective marketing campaigns and ultimately, happier consumers.

AOS is comprised of three key layers that enable 1:1 marketing at scale:

  • The Data Layer – allowing marketers to ingest and unify virtually any type of data – structured, unstructured, 1st-party CRM, third-party data source, and Acxiom’s world class consumer data – making the world’s most powerful marketing data accessible in one place via a click.
  • The Audience Operations Layer – enabling that data to be cleansed, matched and contextualized to provide actionable insights about real people – insights that can then be activated across channels and media buys.
  • The Applications Layer  activating a growing roster of trusted development partners to create innovative and game-changing AOS–Approved Apps customized to meet any marketing need. Because of its extensibility, AOS makes it possible to create virtually any application a marketer can imagine.

Acxiom is partnering with MediaMath, founded 2007 to built the tools that enable and empower a new breed of marketing professionals. Its TerminalOne Marketing Operating System allows agencies and advertisers to plan, execute, optimize, and analyze marketing programs across the digital landscape.  “The objective of Acxiom’s AOS – creating interoperability and efficiency for digital marketers – is fully aligned with MediaMath’s goals to maximize marketing effectiveness through an open technology platform,” said Joe Zawadzki, MediaMath CEO. “Our partnership enables marketers to utilize the new AOS platform to create targeted audience segments and then reach those audiences across the MediaMath ecosystem, achieving true cross-channel execution in a seamless way.”

By creating a cloud-based platform and expanding its capabilities with trusted partner solutions, AOS is designed to address the marketing industry’s biggest challenges both now and going forward. It puts the best data, audience insights, and applications at marketers’ fingertips to accelerate planning and deliver results like never before.

Source:  Businesswire.com

“Consumers are being bombarded by irrelevant advertising at every turn. This isn’t the result of marketers having too little data.  Rather, it’s because marketers are drowning in too much data – data that’s disconnected and siloed, creating disconnected experiences,” said Scott Howe, Acxiom’s President and CEO.  We at BIIA concur and hope that this game changing development will reduce unwanted traffic and waste in e-marketing.